Ieshahomes’ Promise

Each new home uses quality standard materials in association with newer materials and more modern building methods. Structural steel makes a complete skeleton to which all other components are supported and attached to. All components are certified for Australia and New Zealand. We pass on all guarantees by suppliers of components. Ieshahomes are the toughest and best insulated homes available in the market at a cost-effective price. Each steel frame is specific to the area of the intended build. Our services and fixed pricing are all included in our service to our clients. If you need help finding property to build on, we can help you through our House and Land Packages. Ieshahomes also provides Build Assist and after-sales support.

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We give you a list of components and you can select your own (we give you a budget for kitchen, bathroom, and tiles.) Here are some of the key materials for an Ieshahome. Please note these images are for reference only.



Standard key house components in association with building plans:

  • External featured structural Steel Pole System (12) 150×150 Galvanised Box Steel
  • All fixtures and fittings / steel detailing
  • Steel sub Flooring system with sealed tallow wood pre-floor sheeting (if required) otherwise you would use a concrete floor.
  • Steel Architectural features
  • A Colorbond / Colorsteel curved roof (split) and pitch (standard) or custom curved to suit (average pitch 8-15* degrees) Or a FLAT split roof
  • Entertainment steel structure and wood finished deck (floor deck)
  • Aluminium powder coated windows and sliding doors plus louvers and feature windows
  • Fly screens to all opening windows and sliding doors
  • Double power points throughout (not single) *All smart switches for PC
  • SIPS wall cladding (we only provide the SIPS, but walls can be over-cladded with any material finish- see the wall cladding section for more information)
  • Roof System is the top range in reinforced SIPs plus system with Colorbond steel finishes external and flat internal finishing. High insulation rating, strength and low maintenance. High guarantee.
  • Steel sub floor system from 1M of the ground to 4m off the ground to suit any type of land and or allow you to use the underside of the house space.
  • All electrical and plumbing (not include town services) we do these separate
  • Steps for your house (a range is available in hardwoods)
  • Ambient LED lighting and smart phone control of all lighting
Wall Cladding

Wall Cladding Options

Click here to learn more about our wall cladding system.

Ieshahomes provides a standard SIPS wall cladding for all Ieshahomes. Customers can over-clad SIPS with any material finish they like. We choose SIPS as our standard cladding due to its affordability, strength, and stylish nature. SIPS stands for ‘Structurally Insulated Panel System’ and consists of an external MgO super finish, and internal plasterboard finish. Below are a few wall cladding options you can source yourself if you’re looking to over-clad the SIPS that come in your construction-ready home package:

  1. Paint or Rendered finish
  2. Featured Marine ply washed finish (Mix) feature points
  3. Colorbond steel finish or (mini orb) mixed

These finishes can be layered and mixed to suit your home. Ask your builder for more information

Storm Rating


  • Storm and seismic reinforced structural steel with strong and tough fire resistant systems.
  • Basic model = Storm force 11 rating – up to Cyclone 5
  • Earthquake and or stability strength and safety strapping and bracing system included in Ieshahomes
  • Australian and New Zealand Standards applied Toughest house system on the market…..
Sub Floor


A much better way to build and equals a healthy home. Sub floor systems only apply to those not building on a concrete floor (using an off the ground system which is raised from the ground).

  • Standard Floor Finish: You can add other and or carpet
  • Floor finish if you choose to have the SUB FLOOR SYSTEM (meaning that its raised off the ground). Please note this will come with sub floor flooring (panels) watertight/waterproof floor sheets.


  • Reinforced fire safe structural Styrene based sandwich insulation all high quality proven systems for the roof. Rating of 4 to 5 for insulation.
  • Reinforced fire safe, tough wall panels (Bondor/Delta Panel) has a standard rating of 3 to 4.


  • Thermal wrap placed UNDER FLOORING
  • Flashing and WEATHER PROOFED
  • Structural guarantee by steel suppliers
  • delivery and site insurance
  • Standard PLASTIC gutters and downpipes
  • Internal Gyprock walls and ceilings where NOTED AND REQUIRED
  • Tilled Wall and floor ceramic tile allowance of $28.50PM inc.GST to bathroom and laundry (where applicable.)
  • (200mm Splash tile with standard mini orb and villa board wet area finishes)
  • Electrical and mains safety switches
  • Mains powered smoke detectors
  • Flush panel doors internally (corrugated internal) to standard.
  • Fire rated timber front door (single or 2 x single)
  • The entry frame has a choice of standard entrance set and double cylinder security deadbolt
  • Main entry door(s) Hume Vaucluse or other from builder range
  • White melamine shelf to robes with chrome hanging rod
  • Ceiling heights are 2.8h standard
  • Water tightness includes all flashings, thermal house wrap, and ALL PROVEN PARTS for SIPS cladding solution.
  • Thermal breaks for all steel as required and shown on plans
  • All fixtures and fittings (you choose with budget.) Client’s can vary their choice and select the requirements, paying the difference.


  • Hand held shower rose in bathroom
  • White china basins (not plastic)
  • White china concealed toilet pan and white china cistern (not plastic)
  • Tiling to showers (1.8m)
  • Laminated bench top and standard basin
  • Clear glass panel and rod, or rod only to shower recess (door option) – refer to plan.
  • Skirting tiles to walls included in bathroom with Mini Orb and Villaboard in wet area
  • Floor tiling included to bathroom floor with (200mmm edge tiles) – optional.
  • Standard tap-ware accessories
  • Coloured melamine doors with handles to all cabinets
  • Water proofing

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  • Laminated bench tops (square edges to curved ends) or as per plans
  • 1 row wall tiling above bench top
  • Chrome flick mixer to kitchen sink
  • Stainless steel sink 1 1/2 bowl
  • European inspired stainless steel gas or electric hot plate and electric oven
  • Coloured melamine doors with handles to all cabinets (subject to choice and plans)
  • Standard 4 drawers and cupboard doors (subject to choice and plans)


  • Villaboard lined
  • 20L to 45L stainless steel trough and white cabinet
  • 2 rows of tiling above trough
  • Floor and skirting tiles to walls included to laundry
  • Automatic washing machine taps
  • Water proofing
  • Laundry cupboard (subject to choice and plans)
  • 120 – 160 Litre (4 Star) electric storage hot water system or gas as option
Town Services

Plumbing/drainage, electrical, and town services

  • Not organised by Ieshahomes
Other Specs

Other specifics and information related to the build

  • Certified Plans and specifications prepared
  • Specific Steel Engineering Plans
  • Standard Ceiling height 2800h with raked walls so height is increased to 3.2m
  • Decks can customised
  • Internal layouts as per plans or OPEN planned


  • Plasterboard wall linings and finishing timber
  • Finished size 67mm x 12mm pine architraves and skirtings
  • Quote optional internal wall finishes. This can/will be discussed if quoted. (Subject to the choice of costs and plan alteration / cladding)
  • Internal 1 colour undercoat applied (unless order states otherwise)
Structural Steel


Click here to learn more about our structural steel system.

All steel is Galvanised and high grade steel from local companies. Rubber coated ends.

  • External Poles and Sub floor system (all tied in)
  • House Vents
  • Curved/Flat Roof (Strength and Style)
  • Colorbond/Steel Roof
  • Steel decks (with timber finishes) options available


  • Steel based / Wood Decking low (200m) above ground for Veranda or high set (depending on requirements) specific for each order. Standard decking with steel framed system. You can customise.
  • All steps included (hardwood) front
  • Entertainment Fresco area
  • Awning is optional

materials 2

Gas/Hot Water

Gas and hot water

  • Instant Gas system located close to all main taps (centralised)
  • Option is an electric water tank – 60, 120L (or as required)
Climate Control

Internal climate control

  • Reversible air conditioning system (centralised in house)


(Two types) Coordinated or standard (all to one spot, unless otherwise arranged with management):

  • Type 1 Delivery = Materials (all house) components will be delivered as required to one address – spread delivery
  • Type 2 Delivery = Materials (all house) components will be delivered to 1 address on specific day negotiated


  • 1 architectural set of house plans, 1 set of certified steel plans, as well as building manual and support.
  • Quality controlled service and quality standard products, materials and manufacturing. All guarantees and warranties.
  • After sales Service and component sales / additions
  • Certification and structural engineering compliance certificates are Aus standards and NZ standards.
Sales Process

Our sales process

Below is the sales process for standard, live well, and plus series Ieshahomes. Not shown below is the process for house and land packages, as well as house and business packages. (Updated soon)

  • We provide house in construction-ready package- we fulfill all your requirements for your house design, give you a fixed price, sales contract is entered into, delivery date is scheduled, all materials are delivered to your build site
  • We also provide ‘Build Assist’ which is a part time builder or supervisor to your builder
  • We provide phone support and after-sales service
Misc Inclusions

Miscellaneous Inclusions

  • Gib / Plasterboard Sealer (12L)
  • Undercoat Paint (8L)
  • All components for joining (screws/fasteners/bolts etc) all included (we provide more than required) by Builder
  • All detailing and supply to suit electrical circuit and loom + fittings and power box (All work done by trade Electrician you source) – option for your electrician to supply cable and power box and board. You will need to organise power board.
  • All plumbing for plumbing to be housed and fitted. (All work required done by your builder/trade professional). Town services to be done by your builder. We do offer build assist service.
  • Required amount of timber for internal finishing
  • Flashing weatherproofing rolls and tape (more than required)
  • Windows and doors throughout and frames
  • Weather tight fascia boards in all areas sealed and breathable inclusions.
  • Awnings provided for west side of house (pending on positioning)
  • Tinted windows where required
  • Toughened glass where required
  • External paint finish is standard BUT we offer just an undercoat price for internal and external painting to allow customers to save and or do it themselves.
  • Post box
  • Clothing line hoist
  • Landscaped (if required) and if included in house and land packages
  • Ambient LED and general lighting throughout the house including white lights all lights are mounted to suit the house design from ceilings to walls to floor and windows. (All mobile phone controlled). All electrical leads to one control box located for easy access.
  • Steps and decks are included in all our homes. These range from being 200mm off the ground to 2.4m off the ground. We allow customisation of the decks but charges will be incurred.
  • In general decks, heights, added rooms, steps, internal fixtures and fittings, bathroom size, ensuite, finishes (external and internal) CAN all be customised.

Our Products

Standard Inclusions and Exclusions

Ieshahomes standard variation in home designs is one size with four layouts:

  • Studio Cottage (featuring undercover space and carport) 96m2
  • One Bedroom and two living (with carport and sunroom/veranda) 96m2
  • Two Bedroom with carport or sunroom and veranda (added carport steel). Skillion extra if required, attached to any side of the house. 96m2
  • Three Bedroom with ensuite (added carport optional steel- applied to any side of the house at your added cost). 96m2
  • Studio Cottage with 1 Bed, Kitchen and Bathroom (Half house size = 58m2)

The above houses are our standard range. Ieshahomes are made up from 3 module sizes. You can configuration as required. See configuration examples and or contact us direct for specs.

Grow & Build 2017 Product Range

We have a fast build system that is smarter, stronger, and tougher. European Architecture and design assist has generated our new houses which are designed specifically for Australia and New Zealand. You can build a 1 bedroom home and have a full roof which enables you to add additional rooms at another time so you can grow and build. Homes are delivered to you construction-ready (Materials are all local with nationwide distributors.) All deliveries are direct to your site coordinated as required or as booked. A local supplier to you will deliver to you. All our homes are Australian and New Zealand Made, all our materials and suppliers are local.

Pricing Information

House designs are available for purchase from Standard Series, Live Well Series, Plus Series, and House and Land Packages. These series include our Studio homes, 1 Bedroom, 2 Bedroom, 3 Bedroom, and Open Floorplans. Please refer to the specific series for pricing information by clicking on the icons above or visiting the Buy Your Home tab.

Prices are fixed once negotiation regarding purchasing requirements are completed. These prices do not include Town services and or D.A charges and fees

Construction and Build

We supply construction-ready homes, delivered direct from our suppliers to your build site. Ieshahomes also provides a build assist service to all customers.

You will require your local Tradesman and a builder for the construction, or you will need to be an owner-builder. Ieshahomes can provide a part-time builder, or builder supervisor to support your average 50 day build. Ieshahomes can also supply House and Land Packages. We’ll get you the land, and deliver your construction-ready Iesha home straight to the address. Australian standards and New Zealand BRANZ and NASH approved and certified. Included are the certified structural steel and building plans. All other materials and services are guaranteed and have AS and NZS (standards applied).

Faster building time means less stress building

An average Ieshahome takes 5 to 6 weeks to complete from start to handover (Once D.A approvals and all preliminaries are completed). Ieshahomes can provide a Build Assist part-time builder or supervisor to maintain these quick results.

Inclusions Exclusions3


All variations (if agreed upon) are noted and priced accordingly. The variations must be predetermined if possible. If not predetermined, then any variation shall be costed and negotiated in a cost-effective manner with signed documents of agreement of variations.

Variation list

inclusions-exclusionsKnown and Unknown and not limited to the following:

Known variation list will be generated and discussed by all parties and negotiated and signed for if required “Added Options. An Unknown variation list will also be generated; any unknown variations will be negotiated by all parties. Pricing will be competitive for all variations (if required).


(Unless stated otherwise in your sales contract) – Conditions Apply* what the client requires and signs in reference to one of the pre-packaged Ieshahomes new houses.

No construction or trade services are provided – your builder or you will source these in your area.

Electrical, plumbing, drain laying, earthworks etc. Labour for wall finishings (cladding) plastering, wet area proofing (laundry/toilet and bathroom) to be organised by your builder. The following items are not included in our price list; Tiling to external floor areas and main living areas, landscaping, reticulation, fencing, site costs, floor coverings, window treatments, supply & installation of light fittings, additional display light points, internal wall painting finishing, decorator tiles, crossover or additional brick paving, feature painting, retaining walls, flooring finishes other than standard, non-exposed truss finishes, tinted glass, clear glazing to wet area windows, gates, furniture, paintings & decorator items, dishwasher, microwave, ceramic tiles over PC allowance & coastal conditions, additional decks, pathways, driveways, security system and air-conditioning, earthquake or specialised building requirements, council changes, waste and drain caps, waste and trenching, eaves and soffit finishing (subject to building plans). All selections shall be made from the builders nominated standard product ranges. Photos for illustration purpose only. Specifications correct at time of publication and subject to change at any time. *Unforeseen variations need to be negotiated unless specified on final plans. Safety fencing. Concrete pump & Crane hire. Roof scaffolding. These costs are site specific and will be determined after your site inspection. Site costs: Excavation. Concrete piering. Silt trap fencing (to excavated area). Bushfire upgrades if required. Rural services: Septic system. Water tanks. Fencing, landscaping and letterbox. Window furnishings. Telephone application and connection fees. Council works, town services or fees and or applications, consent or D.A.

Please note that all information displayed on our website is for reference and should only pose as a guide for buying your Ieshahome. This information is accurate however each buyer and build is unique. If you’re interested in getting information that is specifically tailored to you- contact us! Email on jon@ieshahomes.co.nz, We’d love to hear from you.