Hassle-free Process

We provide plans, deliver materials, and offer after sales service to you.

Read below on our terms of service for buying and building an Ieshahome. You can also visit our Inclusions and Exclusions page to find out what you get with your Ieshahome and what services aren’t included. All orders made with Ieshahomes will come with their own terms and conditions specific to your build, this page is for reference only. If you’re interested in buying you can contact us for more information regarding the terms and conditions of your Ieshahome.


Purchasing your Ieshahome

Ieshahomes gives you the option for a flat pack Ieshahome, in which you’re supplied with the materials and floorplans etc and you and your builder construct the Ieshahome. This method is done through kitset. The other option is of course Ieshahomes completing the build for you.

  1. Decide your floorplan- See the range here.
  2. Choose how you want to build- Flat pack or Ieshahomes does it all.
  3. Discuss any customisation with us and receive a quoted price.
  4. Review your order (set delivery dates if you are building through flatpack). Once agreed on, we give you a fixed price for your Ieshahome.
  5. Complete purchasing agreement and pay required deposit into our bank account.
  6. The Ieshahomes team will then coordinate with your from this point, or your builder (if flat pack building method).

Each Ieshahome order includes all plans and required documentation. Our homes are fully insured and engineered specifically as per the building plans we provide. Our media pack will support your build or builder for construction, choice and explanation. Support and build assist is part of our after sales service.

Inclusions and Exclusions

Inclusions and Exclusions

It is important that you understand what is included in your Ieshahomes purchasing agreement. Your specific order will have a copy/version of the inclusions and exclusions shown on our websites. When ordering your Ieshahome you will sit down with our team and discuss the inclusions and exclusions part of the purchasing agreement.

If you are looking for reference material and are simply interested in our Ieshahomes, please visit the Inclusions & Exclusions page on our website. This page will show you exactly what is included, excluded, as well as variations and other information on the process. Read more here.


Our Guarantee

Ieshahomes is run and operated by construction trade people, we understand what is required to build our homes and we can relate accordingly to your builder or yourselves re any matter. We understand also that you will need assistance and ensure everything is pre-determined and planned; all coordinated and without delay or cost over run.

  • Our building team will treat you with respect, they are reliable and work in with your builder if required.
  • Our designs have several designers and architects work on the design and in turn worked with the engineers and manufactures and suppliers to insure a quality end product is smart and in compliance with all states and associated living conditions.
  • Built tough, our homes will with stand storm force winds, use fully galvanised steel and is a (super strong) system.
  • Architectural in appearance and in design, environmental elements plus low impact to the planet, fire proof, termite proof and fast to build
  • Affordable and adaptable Ieshahomes can be built on any type of land and can be customised to suit each state within Australia and also New Zealand.
  • The banks value our homes well.