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Builder Assistance

Build Assist is our on site support to you. Our Ieshahomes builders are the ones who construct our display homes. They are 100% certified and up to date with all the most modern building methods and materials. We offer their personal assistance on any of your Iesha home builds, ranging from a complimentary 30 minutes to daily or weekly help.

  • 30 minutes free Build Assist with every Ieshahomes purchase
  • Additional Build Assist can be purchased during your build or beforehand
  • An Ieshahomes builder will be sent to your site to conduct the service
  • You can choose a builder to supervise, or work with your construction team


Important Information

Build Assist is not necessary for the construction of your Iesha home. This is why we provide a free 30 minute service for all customers. Our builder is simply there to give your construction team a kick start, either supervising or building with your team. Ieshahomes provides you with a complete manual and video information on the correct building methods to complete your Iesha home FREE OF CHARGE. Ieshahomes is all about affordability and easy, quick builds. After your build is complete, an Ieshahomes representative will come to your site to assess the build and make sure all is up to our standards. We do this because our homes are built using modern building methods and materials that not all builders are used to. It is a quality assurance for you.