The POD Studio+ is fully self-contained with all amenities a holiday rental needs.

The best thing about owning a home is having the option to rent it out whenever you want. In this article we’ll explore the benifets of an Ieshahomes POD Studio+ and how it can earn you money, whether you’re looking to rent it out occasionally or create a full-time holiday rental.

Choose a floor plan that works

Ieshahomes offers two floorplans for the POD Studio+, single or dual occupancy. Single includes 1 bath, an open bedroom living and kitchen area, as well as an enclosed deck (which acts as a second living room). The dual floor plan is two singles attached together, giving you two private areas connected by an enclosed deck.

Rent out half the home

Choose the dual floor plan if you want to live in your POD Studio+. You can rent out one portion of your home to holiday travellers.

Rent out the whole house

Choose the single floor plan if you plan on renting out to couples or individuals. Choose the dual floor plan if you want to advertise multiple rooms or want to rent out to larger families.

POD pool amenities

Decide how you want to operate your holiday home

Part-time Holiday Home

Use the POD Studio+ as a holiday home for yourself, and when you’re not using it simply rent it out to other people.

Full-time Holiday Home

As soon as your POD Studio+ arrives you can begin advertising it as a holiday rental. Ieshahomes recommends situating your POD in an area with a view or with nearby entertainment (shops, beaches etc.)