Our Lifestyle Villages bring affordability and luxury together. Residents have access to all village amenities and facilities, including pools, bicycle paths, sports fields, private cinemas and more.

Ieshahomes’ Lifestyle Villages are highly accessible, located only a 5-10 minute drive to city/town center, and have shuttle buses available for transport. Ramps are located throughout amenities, and are available instead of steps for your POD.

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Get involved landowners/developers/investors

PODS make building villages easy. The modular design allows for easy installation and placement on any land. If you’re a land owner or investor, PODS are easy to install, low-cost and low-maintenance. They’re also expandable, so renovations/extensions are a cinch. PODS are proven to function as accommodation for caravan parks, resorts, camping grounds, university housing etc., making them perfect for lifestyle/retirement villages.