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Lifestyle Villages

Featuring Granny Flat Studio PODS, Ieshahomes’ Lifestyle Villages boast great amenities and secure living at an affordable price. Lifestyle Villages are a great opportunity for homebuyers, investors, and land owners alike.

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Our Affordable Lifestyle Villages promote environmentally friendly, secure and easy going village-style living for ages 25 and over. Because of this, we offer optional ramp access as well as provide a secure gated entrance for all residents. You can purchase your POD from $107k for single and from $256k for dual, and rent the land for an affordable monthly fee.


Villages sit on 10-20 acres of land and are close to schools and shops. As well as this, they feature cycle paths, nature areas, entertainment areas, pools (conditions apply) and public restrooms. All village maintenance, including lawns, is done by contractors.

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Ieshahomes has village locations in Christchurch, Nelson, Tauranga, and Whangarei. These range from smaller villages with 20 lots, to larger ones with up to 40 lots. Lots are divided into our two floor plan options so you can choose to live in either a single (32m2) or dual (72m2) occupancy POD.


  • No entry or exit fees
  • No stamp duty
  • You keep 100% of capital gains
  • Rent assistance (if eligible)
  • Includes all necessary appliances (kitchenette, fold-down bed, etc.)
  • Optional ramp access
  • Optional built in storage
  • 2000L water tank
  • Gas water heater
  • Solar powered

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