At Ieshahomes, we firmly believe that great design doesn’t have to be expensive.

Jon Benelle, Ieshahomes Director

Ieshahomes About Us

Ieshahomes is a family business grown out of a small town in Australia, however we’ve since expanded operations to New Zealand- our home base located in the heart of Christchurch. Our Ieshahomes NZ team is dedicated to providing granny flat studios and office pods to the North and South Islands. With a 4-6 week* turnaround from order to delivery, our team assembles your POD in 1-3 days so you can move in the next.

*Delays due to COVID-19 up to two weeks longer

What are PODS?

Affordable Architectural Homes

PODS are modular living spaces that don’t compromise on quality or aesthetic. Our PODS are built with quality, modern materials, and a timeless design to ensure your POD will grow with you. You can connect multiple PODS together to create a larger space, and add optional temporary footings to make a fully transportable POD.

Affordability is in the design

Great design doesn’t have to be expensive. When you combine this vision for affordable housing with modern architectural design and cutting edge building materials and systems, you get a truly affordable home.

Our main components include SIPS (structural insulated panel system), steel sub-frame and poles, double glazed glass windows and doors, and INEX for flooring/decking. For DIY Flatpack PODS, fixtures and fittings are sourced from your local suppliers.

Our homes are designed ‘off the ground’ using steel poles. This removes the cost and environmental impact of leveling ground, and also protects you from flooding. Our homes have the highest ratings in overall performance, with long-term benefits that guarantee your POD is built to last.

5 reasons to own a POD

  1. DYNAMIC: they’re perfect for residential and commercial use.
  2. MODULAR DESIGN: connect multiple together to form a bigger space, your home is unique.
  3. NO BUILDING REQUIRED: choose our Pre-built option and have your POD delivered and assembled in 1-3 days.
  4. TRANSPORTABLE: optional temporary footings mean that your POD can move locations with ease.
  5. 5 STAR PERFORMANCE: our PODS offer 5 star performance and are engineered to provide the highest ratings in climate control, thermal comfort, sound proofing, and against natural disasters (cyclone, hurricane, flood, etc).

Easy Order Process

  1. Contact Us to place an order for a Studielle or Office POD
  2. [PRE-BUILT] Ieshahomes manufactures your POD off-site, and delivers it to you pre-built in sections in 4-6 weeks*. These sections are assembled on-site in 1-3 days.
  3. [DIY FLATPACK] Ieshahomes pre-cuts and pre-measures the materials necessary to build your home and delivers the full kit in 3-4 weeks*. These pieces are assembled on-site in 21-28 days or less.

Affordable Opportunities

By working with real estates and other local businesses, Ieshahomes has been able to promote the reality of affordable housing in Australia and New Zealand.

We’ve been able to provide solutions for families and businesses alike, including:

  • studio granny flats
  • family isolation units
  • 2nd dwellings
  • rental units
  • guest houses
  • home offices
  • portable offices
  • meeting rooms
  • art/yoga studios
  • small businesses
  • universities (on campus accommodation)
  • resort/caravan parks