The Team

Meet the team

We have locations in New Zealand and Australia, making our business a stretch over the Tasman. Ieshahomes is a small, family-based company located in Rangiora, North Canterbury Christchurch and in NSW Australia. It’s run and managed by two builders, a local draftsman and designer, and a small admin team. We work with a retired German-based architect, utilising his company’s large staff and design influence. This gives Ieshahomes the ability to produce designs with time efficiency and with modern European flare.

Ieshahomes aims to provide singles, couples, and families of all sizes with cost efficient, beautiful homes. Our new 2017 designs offers this affordability and style, and are stronger, tougher, with quality all round. It’s this mantra which forms the basis of our company- allowing us to focus on smarter living.

What is an Ieshahome?

What is an Ieshahome?

Working together non-stop since 2013 with architects from Europe, Australia, and New Zealand  our team has fine tuned a unique house design- the Ieshahome. Its adaptable, affordable housing that provides a great solution for home buyers in this tough market. Ieshahomes are locally made homes, tough, smart, and built for New Zealand conditions. Our Ieshahomes are spacious and feel great to live in. Ieshahomes achieves this with our curved split-roof design, off the ground pole homes, structural steel frame, tall ceilings, modern building methods and materials, proven weather proofing, environmentally friendly considerations, and fixed price affordability- all of while adding strength and style.

studio with half studio extension

Our Designs

More about our designs

Ieshahomes are made to fit to the land. We use commercial-grade sub flooring, pole systems which insure our homes to be efficient in space and design. We also use manufactured concrete slab on request. Our designs are made to suit the customer’s lifestyle- if you decided to have a family and needed more room later on, you can easily add onto your Ieshahome with the same affordable housing and architectural integrity. Our standard new homes come in cottage studio, and 1 bedroom all the way up to 3 bedroom designs. (All with optional carport).

Ieshahomes use SIPS wall cladding and roofing, structural steel framing for house support and decking, all with precision engineering and fabricating. All this, tied in with friendly service, reliable build, and quick delivery of your Ieshahome. Find more about your home here!

The Ieshahomes system is compliant to all NZ standards, authorities, and associated laws. All home designs being cyclone and earthquake rated. Its unique in the regard that we manufacture using local companies and suppliers as well as being kitset and modulisable homes. We boast our use of the most modern, time efficient, smart new homes- as equally beautiful (being European style new homes) as they are dependable. By associating our small business with other teams we can provide our customers with lower prices and proven quality.


What services do Ieshahomes offer?

  • 1-4 bedroom floor plans – ready-to-build pre-designed homes
  • Custom interior floor plans – ready-to-build pre-designed homes
  • Modulisation of custom and standard floor plans (combine multiple plans together)
  • Home extensions (adding extra rooms to your existing Iesha home)
  • Home and land packages
  • Home and business packages
  • Build assist (our builder supervisors or works in your team)
  • After sales support