Stay & Play with Golf A Stay Studielles

Ieshahomes is looking to create a network of tourist sport accommodation options for golf clubs across the South and North islands by providing Golf A Stay Studielle PODS as an air bnb/accommodation for golf club members and visitors.

If you operate a golf club within New Zealand and wish to join the accommodation network, or if you’re a club member/guest interesting in using this service, please fill out the form below.

  • No fees ongoing, just the cost of purchasing the Studielle PODS.
  • Studielle PODS are designed for golf club use and come with attached golf buggy port.
  • Join the accomodation network and enjoy all network benefits including growth in club traffic, air bnb revenue, and increased property value.
  • Network runs as an air bnb service for club members/visitors to enjoy the golf club and stay close by (stay and play)
  • Golf club receives a % of air bnb market and network
  • Terms & Conditions Apply, contact our team for more details.

How it works

  1. Golf club to purchase pre-built Studielle PODS from Ieshahomes,
  2. OR Golf club offers land and location and Ieshahomes pre-sells the PODS to public
  3. Golf club is entered into the tourist sport accomodation network
  4. Ieshahomes delivers and installs PODS on golf club grounds
  5. Golf club organises accomodation through air bnb service
  6. Golf club receives a percentage of air bnb market and network
  7. Growth in stay and play at golf clubs increases and creates steady bookings for golf clubs in the tourist sport accommodation network
Additional information for clubs/management
  • Offer golfer getaway packages – Members and guests can book a stay at a deluxe Studielle POD bundled with the golf club’s course/amenities and food offerings.
  • Transform your club into a ‘resort and club’ facility – Take advantage of the versatility of our PODS and add extra amenities for your guests, easily turn a Studielle into a massage/spa room.
  • Local tourist accommodation – Use Studielle PODS as holiday homes through an air bnb service, these guests will be more likely to book a game of golf too.
  • Expand your existing accommodation– Some golf clubs already have accommodation options on site, however these tend to be limited in occupancy, only available to only a handful of guests at a time. Ieshahomes offers an affordable and modern granny flat studio and a steady stream of guests through the network.


For Club Members & Guests
  • Stay & Play at hundreds of golf clubs across New Zealand
  • Option to join the tourist sport accommodation network and receive specific access throughout the year
  • Network members get priority booking
  • Members of the network also receive a % of air bnb revenue
  • Save money on accommodation by bundling your game with your room
  • Close access to the range and club facilities
  • Easy booking through air bnb service
  • Book PODS for your stay or for events (birthdays, weddings, celebrations etc).
For Golf Clubs/Management
  • Group purchase discounts when purchasing the Studielle PODS as part of the tourist sport accom. network.
  • No building necessary, just installing the Studielle PODS (temporary or fixed footings)
  • Studielle PODS are modular and can be extended to suit growth
  • An additional stream of consumers is generated – Added cashflow/revenue niche.
  • Golf club recieves % of air bnb/letting as well as overall property increase
  • Brand new, quality small dwellings on show at clubs.
  • Additional traffic flow generated for golf club
  • Real estate value increase for the land.
  • Easy letting management through services like air bnb

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