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Model Shots

Below showcases our 1 bedroom studio floorplan with carport. Included is a floor deck which creates a simple but lux entertainment space. Ieshahomes are fully customisable. Take the rear view for example, a double sliding door could be added which would create extra access as well as increasing more light on the west side. You can choose to build on a concrete slab, similar to the examples shown below, or on poles using a steel sub floor. House can be raised from a minimum of 400m all the way up to 4.6m.

Please note that models are sample only, and although they’re built to scale the design may be outdated. Please refer to our floorplan pages for the most accurate layouts.

why ieshahomes 2 NZ

Pole System

All our homes are built off the ground, raised with steel-sub flooring. Minimum 400mm – Maximum 4.6m. If requested, we can also build onto concrete slab. Ieshahomes chooses to primarily build on poles because of the many benefits that come along with it. Here’s a few reasons why you should choose to build on poles!

  1. Easily build on slopes, unstable foundations, or uneven ground.
  2. Make the most of beautiful views
  3. Less environmental impact, as well as a sustainable design.
  4. More space for you to live in and/or expand your Ieshahome
  5. Natural flow of rain means no flooding, ventilation, and they keep termites and other pests out.

Ieshahomes features a structural steel frame, as well as unique roof designs. Buyers have the option of a semi curved, or split level flat rooves. One side of the inner roof is also glazed, allowing you to be able to control ventilation throughout the house. Our structural steel frame system is tough and quick to build. We use 12 external steel poles for style and purpose. Internal ceilings can be flat or curved, within the heights of 2.4m to 2.8m. See our wall cladding page for more information on how the outside of your house can look.

Ieshahomes boast fast build times- with a 6 week average (after council approval). Once completed you’ll be able to move in or start renting it out with zero delays. We provide you with a smart, affordable housing enriched with precision engineering, architectural design, and environmental awareness- making the end result a spacious and dependable home that you can be proud of. You can choose a standard new home design to build with or an open plan custom build. See floor plans for more details. Each home passes BASIX, NASH, AS/NZ, BRANZ requirements, and we offer a cyclone/earthquake upgrade for customers requiring it.