A home that grows with you

We believe that your home shouldn’t stand in the way of life- an aspect all modern homes should have. Which is why an Ieshahome is affordable housing that’s there to grow with you every step of the way. Explore our module configurations below to find out the possible ways your home could expand for the future. Please note these are visual examples only, they do not use accurate measurements, actual layouts vary for each build.

Get off the ground with our steel pole system…

All our new homes are built off the ground, raised with steel-sub flooring. Minimum 400mm – Maximum 4.6m. If requested, we can also build onto concrete slab. Ieshahomes chooses to primarily build on poles because of the many benefits that come along with it. Here’s a few reasons why you should choose to build on poles!

  1. Easily build on slopes, unstable foundations, or uneven ground.
  2. Make the most of beautiful views
  3. Less environmental impact, as well as a sustainable design.
  4. More space for you to live in and/or expand your Ieshahome
  5. Natural flow of rain means no flooding, ventilation, and they keep termites and other pests out.

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Where to begin

Where to begin

Use one of the standard architectural new home designs as an example, or your current Ieshahome, then simply take another standard design and put them together. What you get will look like the configurations below. Whether you need another bedroom, living room, or a larger entertainment area, Ieshahomes has the answer. If your Ieshahome is raised (on poles) its even easier to modulise. The smart engineering design and space efficiency allows for rooms to be build under the existing house. You can even build your Ieshahome with your own builder and get it all the components delivered to you as a Flat Packed new home.


 Module configurations

The selection below can be customised, use our contact form for queries. Contact us today!

See our standard designs