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Delivery & Export Information

A sales agreement must be completed before delivery/manufacturing of your home can begin. You will choose a date for delivery, and our sales team will schedule it with our suppliers. Your home will take a maximum of 4 weeks to be delivered to your site, and will come direct from our local suppliers. Ieshahomes components and materials are manufactured in approximately 1-2 weeks, and delivery can take up to 2 weeks depending on your location.

Easy Steps:

  1. Choose a standard design or custom configuration
  2. Request a fixed price for supply and for Build Assist
  3. We complete documentation and book in the delivery on your new Iesha home
  4. Delivery is direct to your site from our local suppliers. We can co-ordinate delivery to suit you.

Supplier Information

Components, SIPS, steel and glass are manufactured and delivered from our key suppliers. All other components and materials are from Mitre 10. Ieshahomes schedules delivery from your local area (or closest location).

Component Information

All components are delivered to you pre-engineered and ready to fit and fix together. No cutting or measuring required, just follow the video and manual. Materials are local made and replaceable. You can only buy replacement parts from Ieshahomes.

  • SIPS (wall and roof panel system) – Bondor/Delta Panels
  • Steel (structural frame and sub-floor) – BlueScope
  • All other components – Mitre 10

Replacement components

Replacements must be purchased through Ieshahomes, or from our certified suppliers. This is due to the customer-specific engineering that goes into the manufacturing of your Iesha home. Our sales team will make sure that any replacement parts you require are correct for you.

Construction information and requirements

DIY Build

  • You will need to be a builder or owner-builder to construct an Iesha home
  • Ieshahomes provides Build Assist (builder assistance) to all clients. You can have one of our licensed builders to assist or supervise your team. Learn more about Build Assist here.
  • Ieshahomes provides video manuals, instructions and technical support (including skype calls) on the construction of your Iesha home. Our homes are build using modern materials and building methods. Your builder must follow the instructions to properly construct your Iesha home
  • On completion of your build, Ieshahomes will send out a representative to your build site to evaluate the construction for quality assurance.

Ieshahomes Full Build

  • Ieshahomes’ certified building teams will complete the build of your Iesha Home.
  • Ieshahomes will co-ordinate DA approval and all site testing requirements (however, Ieshahomes does not cover the cost).
  • Terms, inclusions, and exclusions will be outlined in the construction and sales agreement for your specific build.