Why you should buy an Ieshahome

We believe that affordable housing should be easy to find, but in this current market it can often seem impossible to find a decent home that doesn’t go over your budget. Ieshahomes designs architectural new homes all while keeping the costs low. We provide you with the designs and service every step of the way. Your Ieshahome is a space for life to thrive. Tall ceilings, roomy interior, and the ability to expand and grow makes buying with Ieshahomes easy.


Tough homes

Alongside affordability and making your home look great; of equal importance is the durability of our homes. We provide the most efficient and effective systems for your Ieshahome through our modern building methods. There are two main construction systems which set us apart from the market and make Ieshahomes affordable housing. These are Steel and SIPS (Structurally Insulated Panel System).

Why Iesha:

  • Fire proof structural steel
  • White ant and other timber eating insects are not present nor can they penetrate
  • Galvanised steel with rubber feet coatings provide a lifetime of no maintenance
  • Saftey of being off the ground, less insects and security is better (so are the views)
  • Cyclone rating 3+
  • Insulation R4+
  • Proven Modern materials and building methods are used
  • Superior weather proofing and proven accredited building systems used
  • Earthquake and seismic steel designs are incorporated for specific builds and zones

Smart Homes

Our systems and materials are environmentally friendly with minimal waste and impact during and after construction. Steel is one of the best foundation materials to build with and prove for quick and easy build times. This means that DIY builder options such as flat packed (kitset) Ieshahomes aren’t a low budget option to getting your home up, but an equal alternative.

Why Iesha:

  • Totally recyclable structural steel skeleton from ground to roof
  • Low Impact to the earth (steel poles and sub-floor) compared to concrete
  • Healthy Home (off the ground raised) home can breath and less bugs and mold
  • Suits any type of land
  • There are 3 different sized modules that make up IESHAHOMES designs
  • Low maintenance
  • Fast/Quick builds (5 weeks or less)
  • Available in a flat pack (supply Only) with build assist service
  • Easy to extend all our homes and easy to build
  • Sound proofing is high in both roofs and the walls
  • IESHAHOMES target Lower mark ups and higher volumes of sales “grouped buying”
  • Land and House packages are IESHAHOMES main sales direction; we also will build for other people and or supply flat packed the house of there choice in our range.
  • Certified in Australia and New Zealand – design specifically for Aus and NZ
  • Acredited by HIA, AUS standards, NZ standards, BRANZ, NASH, MBA and others
Great Homes

Great Homes

Ieshahomes are also visually different to other homes you’ll see on the market. We build off the ground and encourage our customers to as well. Our pole homes allow for maximised space as well as room for extending your home when life gets bigger. The structurally engineered plans actually allow for more rooms to be built underneath your new home- instantly creating the ability to turn your house into a two story dwelling. The steel pole system we use is cyclone rated and tested to all national standards and comes out on top compared to other systems of building foundations.

Why Iesha:

  • Affordable yet architectural house designs
  • Choice of a curved or flat split roofs
  • 7m high windows and doors (aluminium) and louvres – tinted glass / some toughened.
  • Painting your home can be done by Ieshahomes or yourself
  • Customise specific components of any home
  • Ambient LED lighting throughout the house (Mobile controlled) and manual switch
  • Good choice of standard fixtures and fittings
  • Optional finishes from contemporary to architectural and artistic
  • 6 designs – many configurations can be generated for customisation
  • Choose Open plan or one of pre-designed layout plans for all new house designs
  • We allow buyers to make savings such as standard sub floor tallowood finish they then add covering later or organise with us or others to fit a suitable floor finish.
  • Double glazing and additional floor thermal comfort options when required
  • Wide front door
  • Gas/electric power connected to the town services and or stand alone with Solar
  • 9 raked ceilings in all rooms
Our Guarantee

Build with Ieshahomes and you get…

  • A fast build with lower costs- 50 days or less
  • Proven, modern building materials
  • Affordablilty
  • Architectural integrity
  • Homes that are smarter, stronger, tougher, and more stylish
  • Delivery (if flatpack) as required and scheduled
  • Materials that are local made and nationwide supplied
  • Fully insured
  • After sales support
  • Building support
  • Certified building plans

So why wait?

Contact us today for a free customised info pack. If you have any further inquiries or wish to learn more about Ieshahomes you can contact us directly through email at jon@ieshahomes.com.au . One of our team members will get back to you with everything you need.